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Ecologist Tier – 4 / 35

10,000 USDT

  • 0.50 USDT per domain
  • 20,000 total domains
  • 5,120,000 m2
  • Ecologist Tier
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Forester Tier – 10 / 75

Most popular

5,000 USDT

  • 0.65 USDT per domain
  • 7,692 total domains
  • 1,969,152 m2
  • Forester Tier
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Naturalist Tier – 6 / 125

2,500 USDT

  • 0.75 USDT per domain
  • 3,333 total domains
  • 853,248 m2
  • Naturalist Tier
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Gardner Tier – 4 / 350

1,000 USDT

  • 0.90 USDT per domain
  • 1,111 total domains
  • 284,416 m2
  • Gardner Tier
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Our partnerships

Greenifying Together

Our world-class network of partners helps Ecolands make a major difference.

Part of an ecosystem

Developed with EcoCREDIT

EcoCREDIT builds modular applications for the future of sustainability, serving as the verification layer for carbon offsets and ensuring integrity in action


Our team

With our realistic approach to business development, we take a different route to quality and craft.

  • Paul


    Co-Founder (CEO)

    Paul de Schipper pursued a career in international business development after graduating from medical school. After positions with Friesland Campina, Novartis, and Numico (now Danone) from 1993 to 2000, Paul became co-founder and CEO of several healthcare companies in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and The Netherlands from 2000 to 2014. He subsequently led a large mental health trust in the Netherlands (>€100 million, 1,400 employees) from 2014 to 2020. Paul serves as chairman of the board at Rivas Zorggroep (€300 million, 4,500 employees) and GGZ Breburg (>€155 million, 1,800 employees), having joined ECoCREDIT as CEO in April 2022.

  • Joe


    Co-Founder (Product)

    Has a background in concept development, business- development, sales, project management, engineering, app design and robotic applications/system design and leading teams. Joe has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2017.

  • Ray


    Co-Founder (R&D)

    Ray boasts rich and diverse industry expertise, having worked with, on, and around cryptocurrencies for over seven years. With a deep passion for work, Ray enjoys building projects and tools that touch lives while also facilitating social good. When not working, Ray enjoys time with his wife and daughter.

  • Verena


    Co-Founder (Strategy)

    Verena Jongepier worked as a lawyer at Adriaanse van der Weel Advocaten in Middelburg from 2004 to 2022, serving as a partner since 2013. She has been working as a legal strategist on a self-employed basis since 2022. As a lawyer, Verena has always focused on litigating for and advising entrepreneurs. She has extensive experience in assisting start-ups and facilitating mergers and acquisitions in conjunction with tax consultants and accountants. Additionally, Verena works as Head of Legal for several online platforms.

Team members

  • Sedi



  • Infinite



  • Kevi



  • William


    Web dev

  • Matt



  • Tom



Our advisors

  • Florian


  • Leo


    Fera Strategies
  • Arthur


    Redshaw Advisors
  • Jeffrey


    Technical advisor

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